Technology life cycle – what is process technology?

Technology is a huge part of our everday life, its life cycle gives us a lot on everyday basis. It is with us from our birth and stays with us with all stages in between. Here you may probably understand the technology and its process a little bit better.

What is process technology?

In simple words process technology is the software and also the tools like for example digital platforms – which are creating and delivring products but also services as well. This process technology also improves agility and speed of processes across the enterprise.

There are technological processes like:

  • identifying the problem,
  • coming up with ideas that helps in solving problems,
  • designing the solution,
  • evaluate the solutions.

Process technology use

As you know now what process technology is you should also be aware of this what it is used in, that is why we are going to tell you now where it is being used in.

Process technology is used in many filds. It is used in:

  • mining,
  • milling,
  • power generation,
  • chemical manufacturing,
  • petroleum refining,
  • food production,
  • pharmaceutical manufacturing,
  • wastewater management.

Types of process technology

Assembly line in factory

Are there any types of process technology? Well there are some types of process technology and we are here going to talk about them a bit. There are in fact five types of process technology which are:

  1. project,
  2. job shop,
  3. batch,
  4. assembly line,
  5. continuous.

You also shuld know that each of these types above has to be analyzed and also selected for the right type of product and we have to include in this characterisitics, problems and all possible challenges.

Characteristics of process technology

Let’s start with this that that process technology equals the machines, devices and all kind of equipment that creates and also deliver products and all kind of service. It has in fact a huge and significant effect on quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and costs as well.

Process technology strategy

Now comes the time to mention a bit about process technology strategy. Process technology strategy is defined as the set of decisions that are defining the strategic role that is directing and indirecting process technology that can play in the all operations strategy of the organisation and also is setting out all the general charactristics that are helping to evaluate alternative technologies.

Useful facts

If you are interested in getting to know some interesting facts about technology life cycle then you are in the best place possible, that is why you can now focus and keep rading to get to now some interesting things about it. Here goes the list of facts about technology life cycle:

  • customer processing technologies is in fact machine but also the equipment that is simplifying the process that is being done by a human being,
  • wondering what comes first, people, process or technology? It is being said that first comes people then second is the process and the last (third) comes technology,
  • you are meeting with process technology on everyday basis for example when you turn on the tap of water.


We hope that now you know and understand what process technology is and how it is working. This article has explained probably each aspect possible in this subject that is why we hope you know all that you have wanted to know in this area.

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