Hackers methods – common hacking techniques and how you can save yourself form it

Sometimes all it takes is one click in a link that in fact looks like a normal innocent link. Find out how this kind of criminals are working and what you can do to save yourself from their attacks. Keep reading and find all interesting informations in this subject!

What are common hacking techniques?

As we said before sometimes all it takes is one simple click on a link, which will in fact download a program to your computer and affect all of your data. Here you will be given list of hacking techniques that you should be aware of.

  1. Phishing,
  2. Key logger,
  3. Bait and Switch attack,
  4. ClickJacking attacks,
  5. Cookie theft,
  6. Fake W.A.P.,
  7. Viruses and Trojans,
  8. Denial of Service attacks.


This one is in fact the most common hacking technique. In fact all of our text messaging apps and inboxes are filled with phishing messages daily. These messages are disguised as either as an organization or even a person that you think you trust and in most cases tell a story that will in fact trick you and make you click on a link or just open the attachment that they have sent to you. They may for example say something like there is a problem with your account or ask you to confirm some of your personal information.

Key logger

To make you understand what Key logger is, we will start with definition. A Key logger is in fact a small piece of software which when is going to be downloaded into your PC will record every keystroke. What will cause licking your username, password and credit card number.

Bait and Switch attack

In this way of attacks it is all about using trusted marketing methods like for example paid-for advertising on websites. Hackers can in fact trick you into visiting malicious sites. When this websites sell advertising space it can then be purchased by rogue attackers.

ClickJacking attacks

This hacker trick is the way when hackers are tricking you to click on something a way different than you thought you were clicking on. This could only be a button on a website that when will be clicked on will perform another function what allows others to take the control of your personal PC.

Cookie theft

Let’s start with this that cookies that are found in your web browser like for example Safari and store personal data like browsing history, username, and passwords for different sites that you access. What hackers will do here is to send IP packets which are passing through your computer. They can do all of that if the web browser that you are using doesn’t have an SSL.

Fake W.A.P.

Hacker woman is wearing white mask on her face

Here we are talking about hacker can use software to impersonate a wireless access point that can in fact connnect to so called official public place „W.A.P.” which you are using. When you will get connected to a fake W.A.P hacker will be able to access all your data.

Viruses and Trojans

Viruses and Trojans are in fact melicious software programs which when are installed on your computer and will send all of your data to the hacker. What hacker can also do is for example locking files.

Denial of Service attacks

This is hacking technique that is designed to flood your web server with help of myriad of requests to the point that it overloads the web server what results in a website crash.

How to save yourself from hacking attack?

If you want to now what you can do to protect yourself from hacker attack, then keep reading, because we will give you couple tips! Here goes the list of tips that may help you save yourself from common mistakes that makes you vulnerable:

  • avoid short passwords,
  • avoid using the same passwords for many different accounts,
  • avoid using unknown flash drives,
  • never answer phishing emails,
  • avoid using public WiFi,
  • never turn off your security features.

The best programming languages for hacking

Here we will also give you infrmations about the best programming languages for hacking. You should be aware of if since you shoukd be aware of as much as it is only possible. Here goes the list of best programming languages that hackers around the world you should know of:

  1. Python,
  2. JavaScript,
  3. PHP,
  4. SQL,
  5. C Programming.


Now you know everything about hacker techniques, you know how they are able to attack all of your data and destroy your business. This article also told you how you can protect yourself and we hope that you are going to follow all of these tips. Stay safe in the Interent and watch out for this what you are doing there and what network you are being connected to.

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