Zorin OS 12 Review: Lots of Changes!

Today I review Zorin OS 12, the most recent release from the Zorin team. Based on Ubuntu 16.04, this version makes the switch to Gnome Shell for the desktop environment. To get Zorin, visit their homepage at http://zorinos.com/

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24 thoughts on “Zorin OS 12 Review: Lots of Changes!

  1. I just made a boot-able 8 gig USB 12.1 Zorin OS, but have not tried it yet.

    Just wondering if anyone tried ( on the default appearance bar) To drag and drop it to the left side of the screen. Is this even possible?

  2. Would endorse this but they somehow removed the multiple workspaces? I don't use Gnome with this just the standard desktop that comes with it, but I can't find the setting for workspaces. Sad because this is a great distro!!

  3. Here's a little story I'd like to relay to your viewers.

    My cousin's wife bought a new Acer laptop. Came with Win10, naturally. She got one of those scam phone calls saying it was Microsoft, and the guy got access to her machine. He told her there was a Trojan on there. She eventually got roped in by the guy, and they called me (because I'm the go-to computer guy).

    Anyway, it has been ages since I've messed with Windows (being a dedicated Linux fan), and thought maybe it would be advisable to verify the integrity of her laptop by install AVG anti-virus. What a nightmare! I was never a big fan of AVG but the package seemed comprehensive. It failed to scan for a rootkit. Locked up within minutes and wasted a lot of my time.

    The next day, I logged in remotely to the machine, and decided to de-install it. But, nope. This bugger wouldn't go, and after looking online, many others had the same problem. So at this stage, my cousin said it wasn't worth all this wasted energy and he wanted me to install Zorin OS 12.

    The whole installation took about 8 minutes flat! Amazing… I installed Zorin 11 onto a friend's older system box, and I think it took about 11 minutes total.

    We were up and running in no time, and tried to reboot the laptop. It shut down in FIVE SECONDS, and rebooted in about 15 seconds. Wow! Windows 10 originally took several minutes. Sure, Zorin may not contain all the useless bells & whistles Win10 does, but so what? This end-user is NEVER going to use any of that junk anyway.

    I'm not overly thrilled with Zorin's changes, but I'm hoping the next version (lucky number 13?) is going to improve on things. Personally, I'm more than happy using Version 11. I run it dual-monitor style, and it runs like greased lightning. No complaints from me.

    The moral of the story: Windows has always sucked since the day I laid eyes on Win 3.1. The "Windows Experience" is just nothing but pop-ups, warnings, malware, progressive lag, and frustration. Linux forever!

  4. My laptop is an HP Pavilion dv9000 (Vista), Intel Core 2 Duo 2.10Ghz, 4Gb RAM, 64-bit capable, but right now it's running Windows 7 32-bit. Can it run Zorin OS 12 Core with these specs? On their website, the system requirements read "CPU: Single core" so I'm a bit confused here because of the Core 2 Duo on my laptop. As you can see I'm not really good at these things but I hope you can help me. Thanks.

  5. I like your videos AJ, but if I can make a suggestion, i think your channel could benefit from a professional mic instead of the traditional boom mic headset. For me, i find that those types of mics have way to much high end in their recording. I have to turn down all your videos because it gets painful on the ears in short order.

  6. What is the fastest linux ditru with a pretty desktop enviroment ? Elementary OS?
    I've already tried Zorin Os and Apricity OS and they were too slow
    wifislax works great but it is ugly

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