Upgrade Windows 10 for FREE in 2019

This video will show you how to upgrade to Windows 10 for Free in 2019.

Windows 10 Boot Media: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10

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26 thoughts on “Upgrade Windows 10 for FREE in 2019

  1. Serious question. I dual boot Linux Mint and Windows 7. When Support for W7 drops in January, should I upgrade to W8.1 instead of W10. I really do not want W10 but I still want security patches. W8.1 will have supported security patches until Jan 2023. W8.1 seems like the amount of spyware is low compared to W10. Opinions? W8.1(avoid W10 as long as possible) or give in and go to W10?
    Yes I know Linux is better, I still need Windows for some things.

  2. If I use a Windows 7 key to activate Windows 10, can I still use that key for Windows 7? I have 2 hard drives and am thinking about installing Win10 on one of them, but I only have one Win7 key. I don't want to inadvertently deactivate my Win7 install.

  3. I'm loving your videos. When I went to the MS Boot Media link, it requires a choice between 2019 version and 2018 version … does it matter which?


  4. Pffft! Get a Windows 7 Pro 64bit activated ISO from Bittorrent, install it and upgrade to Windows 10 Pro with the Media Creation Tool and get a digital license and activated for a new computer.
    The Notebook and my other computer were done that way. BTW. I bought a Windows 10 Pro from Best Buy and that is on this computer.
    Of course if you already have a legit Win 7 or Win 8 activated , just use the Media Creation Tool. It should find your license key. Yes, Win 7 will still upgrade. One reboot may be needed to see "Windows is Activated." Win 10 will only upgrade to the same version of 7 or 8. Home = Home. Pro = Pro. Etc.

  5. Thanks worked fine took 2 attempts though trying to update win10 to win10 pro with win8 pro activation key first time when it booted back up said not activated and was showing in windows addition that it was win10 Enterprise for some reason tried activating again with same win8 pro code and this time it said activated and showed win10 pro

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