[Tutorial] A Guide How To Install KODl Krypton on PC Windows 7

[Tutorial] A Guide How To Install KODl Krypton on PC Windows 7

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19 thoughts on “[Tutorial] A Guide How To Install KODl Krypton on PC Windows 7

  1. Dislike because no one want a tutorial with music. Talking about the installation process would be better. Every time I hear music I click off and find another video

  2. Thanks.but I have a problem I cannot solve.I have downloaded the second choice update which is 86 msu because my operating system is 32 bit ,However, when I tried to set up the update , I received a message saying "the update is not applicable with your computer"
    I tried more than once but I failed ! Please what is th problem?

  3. Update for Windows (KB2670838) is already installed on this computer.

    I am stuck, i cant get past this with several days. Just checked your video now.

    Any help. !!!!

  4. Hey guys, here is the solution.
    If you getting error when you try to install kodi, you can do this to make it work.
    You just right click the kodi install file and chose properties.
    Than chose the compatibility tab and in there you change it to windows xp sp3 and it will install 🙂

  5. Yeah it's telling me the same thing. Update already installed. So am I to understand that I delete this update and reinstall it? I know I'm having a graphics issue. My video driver is installed and up to date. Could I be missing anything else? Kodi just won't start no matter what I do. It shows the title for a while then tells me Kodi has experienced a problem and needs to close. It also says windows is searching for a solution to the problem.

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