Tsurugi Linux: Download, verify and first start

Today we are going to download and verify Tsurugi Linux – a Linux distribution for digital forensic investigations. Tsurugi requires a two-step verification process where a hash value is signed with the dev’s key. We will download the Tsurugi Linux ISO / Virtual Machine, verify the SHA256 hash value and verify the signed hash using GPG. Once we have verified our download, then we import the VM into VirtualBox, and start-up our brand new Tsurugi Linux!

My base system is Linux Mint, but if…

6 thoughts on “Tsurugi Linux: Download, verify and first start

  1. I downloaded the ova file and I am using vmware , but for some reason the VM screen does not show as crisp and nice as yours. When the VM starts up it looks like a lower resolution screen and a smaller screen as well. How can I adjust the screen resolution on the VM and size it to fit the whole screen?

  2. sad after downloading the ova from the official site my hash values are not matching i know for security purpose i should re-download this but i don't wanna waste my 5.1 gb wifi data again

  3. Having some trouble with the default password on the LAB ova – The documentation says –
    The Tsurugi Linux [LAB] default user is “tsurugi” and the password has been voluntarily left blank. –
    but i couldnt get this to work – did you have to use something else

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