Switch to Linux – Gaming in Linux vs Gaming in Windows

So we all know that Linux CAN game, but how does it game compared to a Windows machine? Let’s find out.

Today we look at a direct comparison of a few different games, using the same machine, in both Windows 10 and Ubuntu Budgie 16.04.

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The games we look at, with links to jump to that game:
01:25 – Minecraft
02:12 – Witcher II
02:51 – 7 Days to Die
03:36 – Saint’s Row IV
04:13 – Ark Survival…

20 thoughts on “Switch to Linux – Gaming in Linux vs Gaming in Windows

  1. You didn't tell us if you used Wine, PlayOnLinux or Proton or native port and you probably didn't try them all even. It makes a huge difference because some games benefit from DXVK others from Proton or newer DotNet etc. Minecraft runs twice as fast on Linux (server even faster) and 7 Days to die also runs a lot faster on Linux with Wine. No point in watching the rest of the video if the results are wrong.

  2. I have an old hp laptop lying around that I used to game on , it has an i3 3110m and a radeon hd 7600m so it can run older games at a playable framerate . Could someone please tell me which distro I should use and how to get everything set up properly (drivers and all). I already have a big library in STeam so finding games for linux shouldnt be a problem . Anyone ? Eevnos?

  3. Im a framerate snob so i have windows on my gaming pc…

    my laptop is also windows but I am replacing it with a chromebook which I will be loading a linux distro on (im aware chrome os is linux based) i think ill use manjaro, unless Im enjoying chrome os, which isnt bad on my gf's tmchromebook i bought her. But im a control freak so ill ot for manjaro over a barebones chrome os

    Realizing now that im rambling 😬

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