Reset Windows 10 Password with USB [Tutorial]

Reset Windows 10 Password with USB [Tutorial].

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Forgetting a password can be one of the more frustrating things to deal with, and if you’re unlucky enough to have forgotten the password to your Windows 10 PC account, you may be cursing to the heavens, so to speak. The good news is you can avoid this by creating a password reset disk.

Important note: A password reset disk only works with a Local account on your…

47 thoughts on “Reset Windows 10 Password with USB [Tutorial]

  1. You're awesome for making this tutorial, but how do I revert te changes?

    Edit: rename 'utilman.exe' back to 'cmd.exe' and rename 'utilman1.exe' to 'utilman.exe'

  2. Hi there, is Dec 27 2020 and running windows 10 ver 1909 and still working, just to let you know guys, after doing this you have to rename your prevouis renamed file, otherwise cmd will remain as cmd1

  3. With over 20 years of experience in the field, I must say, this is the most backdoor shit I've ever done, but it worked. Thank you! 12 years of information saved.

    Kudos to you, good sir.

  4. When I did this there is no “reset password” highleted at the bottom.So what I did was I remove the account.After I removed it there’s a message says “defaultuser1”reset password disk etc.But then after I inserted my USB it always says “This is not a password reset disk” although ths usb I use is fresh and it has 32 gb.Please help.

  5. Question, I have bade sure safe boot is disabled and that I am choosing that my PC boots from an external source but it never actually does. I am confused because my boot menu looks absoluety nothing like that so I am concerned that I am not looking in the right places. I have been using that all blue boot options menu many see when booting windows 10. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

  6. its working thanks alot, but now the problem is i cannot run cmd command. when i type cmd in run box it shows window cannot find cmd. type correct word. please help to make cmd command run again. waiting for your valuable tips.

  7. Oh thanks SO MUCH. I literally have no idea what caused my password to change, and all these instructions and programs all costed money or involved a bunch of weird things like rolling back windows, but this is just like, changing the ease of access icon to be another way of opening up command line? I LOVE it.

    AGAIN, thanks so much!

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