Patreon Hacked, Experian T-Mobile Hacked, Linux Hacked, and Android Stagefright 2.0! – Threat Wire

Patreon’s Crowdfunding Platform is Hacked, Experian’s T-Mobile Server is Breached, Android Stagefright 2.0 is a thing, and a Linux Denial of Service Attack. All that coming up now on…

27 thoughts on “Patreon Hacked, Experian T-Mobile Hacked, Linux Hacked, and Android Stagefright 2.0! – Threat Wire

  1. I see a big ass lawsuit coming from this. Did not state the bit encryption for the rest of the stories. Let me guest it was wide open data or an employee stole the information.

  2. Who the fuck leaves debugger on over werkzeug.. You technically get a working python console in your web-browser that is running on server. It's better to host python app with gunicorn/gevent/tornado with production config and use nginx to serve as proxy.

  3. "werkzeug" is a german word (means: "tool/device"). Let me try to spell it in the English way: V-air-k-sz-oy-g. Ignore all the hyphens, and concatenate all letters to get the right pronunciation. air as in "air". sz as in "nazi", and oy as in "toy".

  4. Bill Gates mentioned recently how coding is getting more complex where he thought it would have become simplier. May be because time_spent_coding / project_time is very small as it should be but it seems to be getting even smaller because of all the frameworks. The increase of unvetted frameworks is creating vulnerabilities and I dont see this trend slowing down.

  5. I kind of expected more from the Patreon discussion. Why is Threatwire staying with them? Does the money mean more to them than the personal data and trust of their patrons? Though I'm not worried about my password (salted hash + bcrypt + 1024 bits seems tough), I sure did submit a lot of sensitive info to donate money. Is there any plan to switch services? How else can I directly support Threatwire? (Don't say Hakshop.) Have you guys considered developing your own platform, or using one of the other services that have a better track record (google, paypal, amazon)? Finally, inb4 "why don't you…" and "you should…."

  6. This is why I change my passwords monthly on my Raspberry Pi boxes and PCs running Linux, as well as running the Live version of Linux on CD or installing the OS on a flash drive.

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