Parrot OS 4.8 Linux Install Tutorial | 2020 Security Edition | (Linux Beginners Guide)

Parrot OS 4.8 Linux Install Tutorial (Security) is a 2020 Guide on How to Install Parrot OS 4.8 Linux (Security) on a computer, server, and/or vm of your choice. Run through the steps required to install Parrot OS 4.8 the Security Edition on a system. Parrot OS 4.8 Linux Install Tutorial is intended for beginner users and shows all necessary steps.

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32 thoughts on “Parrot OS 4.8 Linux Install Tutorial | 2020 Security Edition | (Linux Beginners Guide)

  1. and my 2nd question is i am having problem in getting wireless testing tool can you pls make a video how to connect with wireless alpha adapter thank you.

  2. Using the new 4.9 version. I'm able to ping outside ip addresses from command line but browser and updates don't connect.
    INstaller sure works nicely though.

    I figured it out. Wasn't getting DNS bound to network card so I:

    sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf

    Modify or enter nameserver as follows:


    or your choice of DNS.

    Any ideas why it doesn't get dns when DHCP is set in the network manager?

  3. can anyone help me? I dont know what to do when im in the bios. And also, if i install parrot OS onto a windows 10 pc, will i still be able to start windows 10 as well and still have all my data and aplications on it?

  4. There is a small bug that bottom panel won't appear if your vbox's screen solution == your real desktop solution. It is in xfce4 DE and Mate (From your video). Hopefully we can fix it.
    (Or your video just doens't show it somehow)

  5. After updating 4.8 to 5… I ran autoremove command and for some reason it deleted mate desktop environment……and my laptop went in terminal mode.

    So whoever wanna download mate parrot just be careful

  6. Hey, i write the os on a flash drive using another program but when i start the computer the letters are different and the options are located differently. Also i can't install it or go on live system there are some errors. I don't know why please help. Btw i did it on a virtual machine and it worked but not on my computer

  7. Hey @savvynik can I ask u something ….. Iam greeting a error like it's geeting into the booting menu but when I hot tge enter key a black screen appears and I don't know what to do … Do u know why ? And are u having any solutions for that.

  8. Hey Savvy, I downloaded ParrotOS in the past, and the first setup screen(the first menu on boot up) wasn't like yours, it didn't have a background, it was a solid colour, and there was only Live, GTK installer and other options available, like my boot up wasn't 'Graphical' as yours, and when I tried 'Guided – Use entire disk', it deleted my Win10 which I was ok about, secondly when it reached "Installing the system setup", it failed at 40% saying "Failed Installing the system", have any solution?

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