Linux on Cosmo Communicator, Shipping Update

Planet Computers CEO Dr Janko gives an update on Shipping Status to Backers of the Cosmo Communicator and he said to look out for some great offers on Gemini and possibly Cosmo on Black Friday and Cyber Monday at also Dr Davide shows a preview of the upcoming easy to use Linux multi-boot support inside Recovery Mode on the main Cosmo Communicator firmware to come in a next firmware update.

Filmed in 4K60 using using this equipment:

– Zhiyun Weebill S gimbal…

27 thoughts on “Linux on Cosmo Communicator, Shipping Update

  1. Questa è una genialata, potrebbe realmente soppiantare i classici smartphone! Sono più potenti e con la libertà di scegliere il proprio Sistema Operativo! Potrebbe essere la tanto attesa risposta mobile per Linux! Suggerirei di inviarne uno ad ogni canale youtuber incentrato su Linux. Super contento che il CTO è italiano 👍

  2. Gemian (Debian on Gemini/Cosmo) is an interesting proof of concept, but the ARM64 architecture limits the way, you can use it. Adding repositories for Raspberry Pi allows you to install a lot of ARM compatible software, yet I cannot imagine using the Linux distro as a primary OS on my Gemini.

  3. I want one dual booting andriod and linux. would buy but they aint shipping linux yet, so I had to buy a brave heart, from pine 64.

    I like the specs but theyre taking forever to deliver, they missed christmas? dafuq? you get most of your sales around christmas! just ship it with a dual booting system, your taking about a few thousand users, in a bespoke electronics field. make your users happy should be the number one priority, then worry about google not wanting you to dual boot a mainline os with linux.

  4. OK, so I got to recovery mode but I don't have all the options displayed in the video… What's up with that, are they going to be available after a firmware update?

  5. As someone who own a cosmo, I can say for sure that the issues are there, and oh boy, they are there and not solved. Just head over the facebook groups for the gemini and the cosmo, and hear the issues first hand.

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