Latte Panda DELTA Review – Windows/Linux SBC/MINI PC

The all New LattePanda Delta is here and it’s stacking up to one of the best Single Boards computers in 2019. This Mini PC/ Single Board Computer is coming in much cheaper than the LattePanda Alpha but with some significant downgrades like 4GB of DDR4 Ram and the Intel Celeron N4100 instead of the M3 7y30 or the 8100Y but how does it really perform?
In this video, we dive deep into the LattePanda Delta running Windows 10 with some Benchmarks, performance testing, 4k video playback, Image…

38 thoughts on “Latte Panda DELTA Review – Windows/Linux SBC/MINI PC

  1. Do you think this would be good for my older folks who just play Facebook games, email, and some YouTube? They're running a computer using a dual-core Pentium and 3GB of RAM. Takes the computer 10 minutes to boot to Windows. Facebook games run at like 5 FPS.

  2. I'm building a pc as infotainment for my car, must run a sata 3 ssd, a touch panel, gps unit, listen to some music, ecc… This will work or is better to switch to the alpha?

  3. ahhhh, were getting closer each time a new board comes out. What I think people really want is a board that can handle the Dolphin emulator as well as psp perfectly, then obviously everything lower from that plays perfect as well (n64, dreamcast, snes ect..). And finally the price needs to be around $125 or less because otherwise your just better off getting a Nintendo Switch or other Console. Just my thoughts at least.

    Edit: or else a Wii U on Ebay or craigslist/gamestop is still basically unmatched as far as price goes – with the emulation available to it.

  4. i have on in my hand right now.. i going to test it and use it in my Battery power pack system for control the BMS. cooling fan system solarpanel control and power grid systems

  5. Hey ETA. I just picked the delta up and i went to install the wireless/BT antennas. For some reason my board only has one connector off the intel chip. Can you check your delta to see if this is the case with yours as well?

  6. I really wanted a power consumption comparison between Delta and Alpha, to know what would be the best to run on batteries.
    And the GPU I would like to see the most is the gtx 1030.

  7. Yep.. hows the boot up time for the currents setup? Asking bc windows xD would like to use it for youtube stuff and watching a movie but generaly id try to run some debian/arch based linux on it so i can casually learn it in the comfort of my couch

  8. Seems like the perfect travel/living room piece of hardware for people who like retro gaming and TV/Movie streaming and just some lite windows usage. Just wondering, are there any remote/controllers to use with this thing (that replaces mouse/keyboard entirely)?

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