Installing Mac OSX on Virtual Box in Linux Mint

The Schmidtski is back! This time we are installing Mac OSX 10.6.1 on Virtual Box in Linux Mint.
I specifically explain one part of the install that gave me trouble in the past and describe my solution .
Also, I plan on an upcoming video about turning old hardware into a DOS machine for playing retro games. Some videos involving the Rasberri Pi are a possibility in the future, too, based on demand.

I have been toying with the idea of accepting old hardware from viewers to repurpose so let…

8 thoughts on “Installing Mac OSX on Virtual Box in Linux Mint

  1. Your voice sounds so much like Christian Slater, especially when he was doing his DJ persona in the old movie Pump Up the Volume. Check it out – might be good for a laugh.

  2. To be clear, OS/X is derived from BSD Unix, NOT Linux. Both of those are derived from Bell Labs' UNIX. There's been a lot of cross fertilization since, but still …

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