Install Android L on Nexus using Mac or Linux | 5 EASY STEPS!

How to install Android L 5.0 on a Nexus using Mac or Linux.
1. Unlocked Nexus Device –
2. ADB Debugging turned on – NOTE: For devices running Android 4.2.2 or later, you may need to unlock Developer Options before it is available within the Menu:

Go to Android home screen.
Pull down the notification bar.
Tap “Settings”
Tap “About Device”
Tap on the “Build…

9 thoughts on “Install Android L on Nexus using Mac or Linux | 5 EASY STEPS!

  1. @Kevin Nether Great tutorial for people running Mac or Linux.  One question though, is it necessary to modify the flash-all.bat file if you are flashing the factory image using a Mac or Linux distro?  From my understanding flash-all.bat is the script  needed for Windows to flash the entire factory image to your device.  Mac and Linux use the script. I have flashed the factory image a handful of times on Linux by typing ./ and it installs, I never had to edit the .bat file.  You could manually install each portion of the image with fastboot commands as well, but the scripts are quicker and do it automatically for you.  Just curious if editing the .bat file is required on Mac or Linux?  Thanks.

  2. omg man thank you sooooo much i spent hours trying to flash my nexus 4 to android 5 and i failed everytime until i saw youre video thnx man it worked perfectly without any problems. U ARE A LEGEND!!!! 

  3. Someone want to explain to me why my Nexus 5 (on AT&T, living in NY) has not gotten the OTA update to 5.0? Others have been saying their Nexus 5 has gotten the update, but mine is still yet to recieve it OTA.

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