Humble Bundle for Android Mac Linux and Windows Humble Bundle for Android and Windows, Mac, and Linux! Features Anomaly: Warzone Earth HD, Osmos HD, EDGE. Customers who pay more than the average price will also get World of Goo, an indie classic and an Android best-seller.

50 thoughts on “Humble Bundle for Android Mac Linux and Windows

  1. i have bought these games for my android phone during the humble bundle, but now when android wants to update these games, it gave me an error saying that i did not get these games from the android market.. help please?

  2. @strongo25 Trine 2 > Read Steam Forums, the devs can't do a big sale and do you want it almost for free? And Shank 2 was released 2 days ago… Bastion… maybe, it's possible.

  3. i wish you would this for puzzle games. because i hate nothing more than playing games on my phone where i'm pressed for time or have to be accurate. i don't get how people can play shit like that on the subway, in a car or whatever. when you have to interrupt frequently and it is near impossible to move your finger in a straight line.
    although i realize there aren't even many out there as it is. which of course is moronic to begin with.

  4. Well…Anomaly, Osmos, EDGE and Goo. Nice, but as "desktop" user i already have Goo and Osmos from previous bundles. We need some more new games.
    Yes, i know that it is Bundle for Android, but most of existing humble bundlers playing on desktop.

  5. @rootvalue Where was charity when you were homeless. Not to be seen in sight. Chill out. You know Im right but you want to save some face on here. Thats my opinion and I stand by it 110%. I even gave away free humble bundle to strangers on here last time so STFU and take your little girl attitude and go play barbie.

  6. Please John Graham put up your Humble Indie Bundle theme song (Humble Indie Bundle 3 and onwards) for purchase. Its so good I keep replaying this ad to listen to the music and treating the promoting voice as vocals to this music. To all of you who are asking this is a remix of Unreal Superhero 3.

  7. I always give a lot to developers. Some to Humble. Little for charity. Those people whether for kids or not. Expect something for doing nothing and expect a handout. GTFO

  8. @HumbleBabyBear probably not. they would have announced them by now or would have had them as the beat the average at the beginning. but it is possible…

  9. @setsukiFR Im hereby saying APPLE sucks.

    HUMBLE INDIE BUNDLES ARE FUCKING AWESOME. Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom. oh wait apple users dont have freedom tobad.

  10. @MrJotOER . As l said, I might be wrong about the gift's been 2 years I haven't used itunes, it's how I remembered it. and yes, 99$ plus 30% on each sale is expensive. even more a without a legal alternate solution. anyway, maybe hib'll find a solution to be even more cross platform

  11. People, you have to understand, HIB is making their best to be as cross-platform as possible. If they ever find a way to publish on iPhone and/or Windows 7 phones, they will.
    Android is open source, that helps it being slower and sometimes less efficient than an iPhone, but it also allows user to REALLY use their smartphone.

  12. @MrJotOER HIB woud have to:
    1 – gather the sources of the games they are selling (making them unable to add new games without a massive update).
    2 – pay the price to publish on the appstore(expensive).
    3 – remove the "pay what you want" system

    But apple will probably never allow such an app on the appstore (not enough money for them, it might even be considered as an alternative market, which isn't allowed by the TOS)

    And finally, iTunes' giftcodes are ONLY money, not music or apps.

  13. @OmgitzEcchi Then you should probably get off that stranger's laptop before he catches you, and hurry on back to your cardboard box under the bridge. You know, before some other homeless people try to take it as their own.

  14. @Speederstick I'm not sure about what I'm about to say, but try this: 3742-5583-32SE here's a (fake) apple redeem code.find somewhere to type it. I can't objectively answer your question, but apple giving code so people can buy iphone stuff somewhere else? it's not their way of doing things at all. plus maybe wolfire is mad at apple after the stealing of lugaru on the mac appstore.

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