How to Enable AHCI After Installing Windows 7/Vista – Techneek TV

In this video, Mike from shows you how to enable AHCI post-installation of Windows 7/Vista.

Normally enabling AHCI in the BIOS without preparing Windows beforehand will cause a Blue Screen of Death to occur when you are rebooting your computer. Follow these steps and you’ll have AHCI enabled safely and quickly.

Why would you want to use AHCI? For these benefits:
-Native Command Queing: More efficient hard drive usage.
-Ability to HotSwap:…

50 thoughts on “How to Enable AHCI After Installing Windows 7/Vista – Techneek TV

  1. I wonder if you still read these comments. How do you do this if you have two bookable drives with Win-7 and Win-XP If you switch it back in the bios will it still boot. I'm not using a boot manager, I just use the F12 key at boot-up to select which drive to boot from as each drive has it's own operating system.

  2. My BIOS still only shows 2 options, IDE and RAID. I researched some more and found my other people with my motherboard who also couldnt get AHCI even after BIOS updates and a lot of tinkering. I think ill just leave mine…

  3. I installed a Samsung 850 pro, just using the migration software to copy old drive to it. Looking through the Samsung magician app it tells me I need to enable achieve for optimum performance. Currently it is in raid mode when I look at the bios. I have numerous times changed the msachi to value 0. Currently set at 3. I reboot then enter bios and change sata to ahci. Upon reboot it just keeps looping around Windows startup, with a flicker of bluescreen then tries to boot again and again. If I renter bios and change back to raid mode it boots just fine. I have also looked at changing the iastorv to 0 but it already is. Any ideas????Laptop is an old dell m4500. Thanks

  4. I forgot to set AHCI before installing w7 now when I tried to swap from IDE to AHCI I kept getting BSOD. Couldn't figure out how to fix it until I saw you vid. Such an easy and quick fix. Thanks alot man!

  5. I've 850 pro of 256 gb ssd. when i config to AHCI and reinstall win 8.1 on it, everythings works fine.
    But after next restart when bios loaded it gives me error says, "no bootable device found!" (priority already set to ssd) and keep restarting until i reconfig ssd to IDE mode and reformat it again!
    why? Solution plz.

  6. i have 2 simular pc's 1 for me 1 for my gf
    for my pc this work fine (ssd conected to sata3)
    and for my gf i cant celect the evo 250 ssd in bios wen i use f11 boot meny i can boot from it 
    after setting it back to 3 i still cant see the ssd in the bios this pc had windows on a second drive and the ssd is conected to sata 1
    need help fixing this isseu

  7. This actually worked for me. When I restarted my comp, the ahci drivers started installing and required another restart.
    Using windows 7 – using crucial MX100 SSD*
    Thank you Techneek.

  8. When I changed it to AHCI and it goes past the boot screen it just goes to a black screen and my computer wont stop beeping. Changing back to IDE lets my computer boot normally. ANY HELP?? ): 

  9. Just had this issue myself. Turns out that my primary windows drive needed to be on "SATA0" on the motherboard, where I had another hard drive and a DVD drive before it, so it was on SATA2. Now it works fine.

  10. I have a quick question. First my motherboard is a Super X7DWA-N. My OS is windows 7 Professional and I am currently installing the Samsung 840 pro 256GB SSD. ISSUE: In the BIOS i Enabled the SATA AHCI to enhance the performance of the SSD. Then I installed my OS windows for a clean install. Once the installation was completed was completed the computer loaded up the desktop and everything was fine, but once i reboot the computer I get the error message OS not found

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