Ham Radio – Skywave linux 4. Not friendly with virtual box!

I’m quite surprised he chose to strip the installer from his release. In my opinion, a live CD without a method to install to hard disk is not a good choice by the builder. Also, not working by default within VirtualBox is a bigger problem. That should be a requirement.
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31 thoughts on “Ham Radio – Skywave linux 4. Not friendly with virtual box!

  1. Hi Kevin. I tried Skywave a couple of years ago and it did have some thorny issues. I eventually came to the conclusion that it might be easier to use a version of Debian with amateur radio packages installed. If you go to the Debian site you will find links to these ISO downloads. The other alternative is to install almost any popular Debian or Ubuntu system and simply add radio software yourself. Many are available through the usual repositories via synaptic. I currently use Linux Mint Mate, and have also used MX Linux. I found you could get the same result as using Skywave and also have much more flexibility using a Deb or Buntu system. Debian comes with a TON of radio related software! Maybe I'll hear you on 40M since you're up this way. I'm in VE7 land and usually put a call out on 7034 every day. QRP CW. Keep up the great videos! Cheers es vy 73.

  2. Hi Kevin I installed the ISO along with a few other Linux distros,s onto an SSD 120GB using Vento to pick which iso I want to run. After replacing my hard disk with the SSD on my Asus 2.23Ghz laptop I then chose to boot the Skywave iso. After waiting 1Hr looking at a mainly blank screen its showing the home screen with Wifi:down,Ethernet:down CPU 00% Volume 46% 😔🙄😔.
    Now it just sits there with a wristwatch icon that moves with the mouse and a picture of the stars.
    I guess it wasn't decined for single core computers.
    Still gave this Video the 👍👍but 👎👎👎to Skywave Linux for now.

  3. This dude just releasing the Skywave OS for people to do backups for him LOL, but to be honest I will just run with my Linux dedicated laptop for Ham Radio, seems Skywave is nothing special.

  4. Yo Kevin!:
    All this Linux stuff is beyond me. Shame it's not VB ready from the gjt-go. I understand you not wanting to risk your whole machine . Motor on!
    73's! de seeker Jeffrey WA7LFP

  5. Hi Kevin. I am a linux guy and get every thing you said but virtual box is a problem as far as timing is concerned. Ham stuff is timing dependent and therefore you need to install native and forget virtual stuff. I share your frustrations but sometimes you need to go native and bite the bullet.

  6. I am a nonLinux person. When I want to play radio, making contacts or SWLing, I don't want to spend my time fooling around with a system that requires me to make changes to the guts and insides of a program. That's why I will stick with Windows. Yeah, it may be pig headed and not very progressive, but I want utility. I'm not interested in becoming a Linux-head. Sorry if this offends you as I suspect you are a Linux-head. Rest assured, I still like you and enjoy your videos. Come back to Texas. The Gulf Coast wants you.

  7. I tried this on live USB. DO NOT DO THAT!! In fact DO NOT USE this version. It's garbage! Every one of my computers are running linux distros. This one is NOT one of them. LOL 😛 Virtual box is too sophisticated for this OS!

  8. I played with some older releases of this a long time ago and was hoping the update would be something I'd be interested in. Looks like way more trouble than it's worth to me as I'm a Linux noob. AE5DW.

  9. These guys (Skywave and specialized dists in general) has totally missed the point. They should just create a repo for Debian/Ubuntu or one of the RPM dists and have people use those instead.

  10. I always try to remember to set default prompt sizes to 80 colums and 24 rows. Using the pi4's default tiny display for projects, I learned that holding alt will allow you to drag most windows by dragging any part of the window.

  11. Hey, who hit the thumbs down button up there? I cooked my CPU, hard drive, and brain making Skywave Linux 4, and I gave a thumbs up here. So did Mach 7.

    <smile> Welcome to Linux; put on your hard hat and try not to get hurt by fast moving parts.

    There will be an update for things that turn out to be broken. But the environment is what it is. I know some hams will go elsewhere, while others take this beyond what I imagine. <another smile>

    As soon as Kevin works out his VLF loop antennas, I'll be using Skywave to run my radio and pull in some signals. <last bigassed grin>

  12. i3wm is fabulous, once you become accustomed to using the key bindings. If you look at the content here on YouTube from Luke Smith, Budlabs, and DistroTube, you can see the seeds of i3 in Skywave Linux.

    Version 4 is all about "radio you know in an environment you haven't explored."

  13. Hi Kevin, welcome to the world of the i3 window manager. Try <Shift + Super + Space> to fit those large floating windows. I reset my display to 640 x 400 and it works okay. There are more key bindings in the readme file. Firefox -> skywavelinux.html (readme)

    Skywave Linux 4 is different in fundamental ways from version 3. The issue is that hams already have Gnome / KDE systems for their computing; here is a move into a more performance oriented tiling environment. A minimalist / coder – hacker distro for SDR users.

  14. I see two issues here with SkyWave Linux… First the menu should be more apparent. A small "1" in the corner is not appropriate. And second, even less-appropriate is requiring a right-click to activate the menu. Also, Kevin, Option-Click should allow you to move a window in Ubuntu. 73 de W3DJS

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