Don't Starve: Hamlet (Launch Trailer)

Don’t Starve: Hamlet is available now on Steam (PC/Mac/Linux)
Hamlet is fully launched! A great big thank you to everyone who participated during our Early Access period. The Don’t Starve community is one of the best to interact with, so full of passion and enthusiasm for all things in the Constant. We have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you, dropping Wilson and his friends into this world of civilized pigs and dangerous…

25 thoughts on “Don't Starve: Hamlet (Launch Trailer)

  1. Klei is the only game company who actually care about what they're making, and make awesome games I love don't Starve/Together/Hamlet/Shipwrecked and my favourite, Reign Of Giants
    Everyone have to respect Klei they are the best gaming company ever made don't Starve evolving because of klei's works and everything…..
    Klei deserve our respect for what they make for us.

  2. I have a question: I want to get don’t starve and the hamlet dlc but also don’t starve together. Will the hamlet dlc work if I just get don’t starve together? Do I need to specifically have don’t starve?

  3. I’m surprised no ones talking about that crazy looking robot at the end. What is that thing I can’t find anything about it in game or anywhere else. Anyone know more than me about it?

  4. Hamlet is a lot like a more exotic Don’t Starve, with it having a lot of aspects from normal Don’t Starve and reign of giants like the Pigmen and spiders and it changes these aspects quite a bit compared to other expansions like by making Pigmen more civil and orderly or turning the spider into a more exotic creature by making it a big gorilla spider, this really add to the undiscovered adventurous theme by making it just that, props to Klei.

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