How To Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit and 32 Bit Anytime Upgrade

Upgrading any Windows 7 version with just a valid upgrade key, using Windows Anytime Upgrade No disc or internet connection needed! —————————————-­——— If you need a copy of Windows 7 key, you can get the most preferential activation code from this web site and .

3 useful and fun notepad tricks on Windows 7

My website – 3 notepad tricks 1. Annoying windows messages WScript.Echo (“Hey, Hello”) WScript.Echo (“I like you”) WScript.Echo (“Are you ignoring me!”) WScript.Echo (“You are mad”) WScript.Echo (“I will not close up”) WScript.Echo (“you better understand”) Save as .vbs 2. Make the computer talk to you dim fname fname=inputbox(“Hey ,Hello”) fname=inputbox(“Thats cool, how’s going?”) […]

How Do I Speed Up Windows 7?

Your pc is running slow because something using up those resources 16 jul 2011 one of the most tried and true ways to speed your boot process if you’re still windows 7, open start menu, type msconfig slowness in networking directly affect 7. Easy steps to speed up windows 7 update scans shutdown computershopper. Windows […]