Arch Linux : 9 partition the disk for UEFI

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Information :
Website for Arch Linux iso :
Forum : ArcoLInux Learning Path
Phase 5 of ArcoLinux – Vanilla Arch Installation

7 thoughts on “Arch Linux : 9 partition the disk for UEFI

  1. I thought cgdisk was only for gpt and cfdisk was only for mbr partitioned disks but clearly i'm wrong and cfdisk can be used for both variants while cgdisk can only be used for the newer gpt variant, as I read in the partitioning tools table on the arch wiki page about partitioning.
    I compared both and cfdisk does seem to have a bit nicer curses menu. So I might as well use cfdisk all the time and not have to think which one of the two to use. I don't really see the point anymore in using cgdisk then.

  2. Hey man have been trying to install arch for 6 days now and I ve been struggling because i have and ssd with 128gb and an hdd with 1T and i dont how to partition things ,if you could help me it would be great 😉

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