Android Studio: Installation and Configuration for Linux

Android Studio: Installation and Configuration for Linux

In this video I show you how to go about installing and configuring Android Studio for your Linux box.

If you are running on Windows or on Mac then I have you covered as I did a separate video for both of those platforms.



And don’t forget you need to have installed a Java JDK (preferable version 8 or higher), but there is a link…

13 thoughts on “Android Studio: Installation and Configuration for Linux

  1. Good day…I went to and then select the "Get Android Studio" then I select the box with "Download android studio 2.1" written in it, the I get the terms and conditions page which I read through and select agree and then select a button but cant really see whats on it I assume its the finished button cuz its grey and turns blue when I agree to the terms and conditions but after that a small window appears for a half a second and dissapears then I'm back at the screen looking at "Download android studio 2.1" and nothing has been downloaded…I tried various other methods nuthing works…Any assist would be appreciated…

  2. I have a prestigio tablet that I would like to use to test my apps on. but I can't find the Vendor ID. In google's documentation it said that i have to create a file and add the Vendor Id to it. I tried using lsusb to find the ID but it's not working :S Anychance you could do a guide for finding the Vendor ID and using a real device instead of an emulator? Thanks

  3. Hi just searched android studio then plugins and repository for ADB,  only found ADB COMMAND TOOL  by robslama is that the coorect tool i need to fastboot, flash recovery images and unbrick bootloop and so on ? thanks

  4. Wow so does google play work with android studio as i tried with genymotion  to run android on linux and it wouldnt work what am i missing is there like a linux apk google play installer?

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