Android N (7.0) Skinpack for Windows 10/8.1/7

A new skinpack for your desktop based on Android N, latest android version.
⚫Watch the video to know about the malware warning.
⚫Watch complete video to install the skinpack properly.
⚫If theme is not installing properly, install UX Theme Patcher before applying SkinPack.
⚫To know how to change title bar color on Windows 7/8.1, open this link :-…

22 thoughts on “Android N (7.0) Skinpack for Windows 10/8.1/7

  1. If you wanna uninstall it :
    1. Go to "Control Pannel" Select "programs" Then under it , click on "uninstall a program"
    2. Then search for "Android N (7.0) Skinpack" then Right click on it and select "change/uninstall"
    3. Then uninstall it!

  2. Hi, I think your last two links are broken (skinpack links not social ones).
    also, I think you should check with Dropbox. A link's been temporarily banned.

  3. tip to our self never download any software that configure computer system files because when you download a skinpack so many things could go wrong like your start button not working or your taskbar is broken

  4. any way to fix the highlighted text on programs like on after effects for example at the top where it says the name its highlighted and my ocd is killing me over it

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