android linux on htc touch hd

xda-developers made a good start with running android from the htc touch hd phone.
Thanks goes out to XMOO and ORUX.
Sorry for the blurry picture.

7 thoughts on “android linux on htc touch hd

  1. @Stellan1
    Yes android is Linux just like the ELSE smartPhone is Linux … Just like Google Chrome OS is Linux…
    "ELSE First Linux Smartphone Demo from CES 2010"
    I use Linux Ubuntu for my home computer and Linux Mint … The PS3 was made to run Linux Yellow Dog…

  2. hi
    nice to se that somebody re scale the screen size and make it run 😀

    can you geave us Url. to forum or website where we can find more info about this distro, and meaby dovnload the soft?
    I will be wery gratefull

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