8 Areas where Linux is BETTER than Windows 10

Recently, I published a video titled “Is Linux too hard to use ?”. After a fair number of views and comments, I got the impression that while Linux has some drawbacks, it also does a lot of things better than Windows, so here is a recap of what I think Linux is better at than Windows.

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22 thoughts on “8 Areas where Linux is BETTER than Windows 10

  1. The only real use for Windows is to play games as developers are focus on that platform due the number of machines in the market. The entire Mobile world is powered by Linux (Android on top) or Unix (iOS/OSX that is actually a derivation of FreeBSD).

  2. I'm really enjoying the latest Manjaro. The only major thing bothering me is that gnome can't seem to remember window positions. I like Firefox a bit more to the right, but every time it fires up exactly in the middle.

  3. The only area I disagree with is the security part.
    I mean so what if windows is used the most?
    If linux eventually becomes the most used, would it have worse security?
    Keep in mind that I still think that many things that linux does, such as opensourcing the kernel, or stricter file permissions make it better for security. All I'm saying is that the marketshare argument should just be forgotten as it implies that linux as a desktop OS will remain forever a niche.

  4. There are two things I hate about Linux
    1. The community is abused from the outside and inside
    2. You can't always just move your mouse all the way to the corner, click and expect the app to close because the X button isn't all the way in the corner like on Windows. I know it's really stupid, but I'm nitpicking on this minor inconvenience

  5. Linux is technically better but it certainly requires advanced knownledge in order to understand and to fix most of the issues that you are constantly facing when configuring and installing your desire software and costumizations. That means it requires a huge invest of your time.

    I'm basically talking about Linux as a main desktop OS. I've been experiencing with different distros for more than 5 years now (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, CentOS, etc). I find very frustrating having to spend hours reading/searching on the web and community forums in order to find the way to get your things working properly. It's pretty easy to get pain in the ass having unexpected errors which delay your productive usage and so it becomes to a disappointing experience. On the other hand, you are directly relinquishing to a wide range of useful and powerful software that you can only run on Windows. The open source and free software ideals are falacies since you need propertary drivers to maximaze most of the GPUs and CPUs out there or even the programs you'll use daily have a property license (mostly from third party repositories). And I could go on and developing a more solid argument but I am not trying to convince anyone, just stating facts from my own experience.
    Props for those who even the circumstances stick to Linux.

  6. Linux wasting too much time because everyone has own Linux. De. Filesystem…and now we started to talk flatpak snappy appimage. Fk
    Just trying to model macos then choose one and just one lol.

  7. on linux, everything is updated from the same place.


    Steam? anyone?
    what package manager updates everything? apt-get dont update pip aplications for instance.
    not to mention that some application dont even work on the version from the repository (renpy for instance) or dont even have an version there (godot and pretty much everything from github)

    "requiring you root password to install softwares."
    you dont need to install softwares to run then, for example, godot require no instalation and if you download blender from the site (wich is the latest version, contrary to the software center) you can run it without installing.
    not to mention that, the root password only protect the system files or files from other users on the same computer, an malicious .sh file can still delete all your files or encrypt then.
    every program running on your user account has acess to all the files that your user account has.

    except on gnome, where if you customize something, chances are the theme on a program will become unreadable.
    and except that a lot of programs dont follow your systema theme anyway, some are QT only others gtk only or has their own thing…

  8. Windows Server – which costs a lot more money – is a different story! But with linux you get stability and server-grade reliability out of the box! Linux is easier to manage!!

  9. 4:52 Windows are faced with Win98,7, and modern apps! Windows 10 looks terrible compared to macOS!! Win 10 also reboots and updates are unreliable and can cause the computer to break. I long for the Win7 days when you knew an update would not break/ randomly reboot the computer!

  10. Nick, I am using Linux(Fedora) from last 11 years as my main operating system on office PC and personal laptop and never felt difficulties at my work, neither at home where I use it to post process and edit my DSLR photos.

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